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  • Blood Mire

    +*Blood Mire*+ The [[Blood Mire]] is a swamp that in fact, has blood instead of water. It is inhabited by small,agile, deformed creatures called [[Yigs]]. Some say that the blood of the swamp contains a creature infinite terror and death. The Mire …

  • Yigs

    The [[Yigs]] were originally a peaceful goblins that lived near the Mire before the [[Great War]]. Due to the high amount of black magic in the area after the [[Great War]], they mutated into creatures of endless hunger for human flesh. A Yig has large …

  • Great War

    A very large magic war on [[Andral]] that was equivalent to a nuclear war. It mutated many species and leveled [[Andral]].

  • Home Page

    +*Backstory*+ Over 300 years ago, a great magic war broke out called the [[Great War]] on the peaceful continent of [[Andral]] over surrounding [[Eathruim]] veins, the continent was reduced to rubble. Many creatures and people were mutated by the …

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